During spring, it is important to consume vitamins that will keep you healthy and allow you to participate in outdoor activities. Taking supplements will ensure that you consume enough nutrients and vitamins to be able to thrive in the beautiful weather. Spring supplements can protect you from viruses that manifest during warmer months, safely treat allergies, and help to maintain healthy skin and vision.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A has powerful antioxidant properties which support important immune system and organ function. It also keeps skin healthy after sun damage by encouraging repair and growth.


Vitamin B

It is important to take B vitamin supplements during spring as these vitamins are easily lost through increased sweating in the warmer weather. B vitamins are essential for preventive care, the maintenance of energy levels, and dealing with stress. It is best to take a B complex supplement as B vitamins perform a wide range of bodily functions.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin) keep the nervous system healthy, release energy from food, and maintain healthy skin and vision. These vitamins are crucial in spring as they protect your body from sun damage whilst providing the energy needed for physical activity.


Vitamin B6 and B12 are also essential during outdoor spring activities as they support the production of red blood cells and ensure the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps your body manage heat by protecting and maintaining the health of your skin and blood cells. Vitamin C is also a natural antioxidant, so taking it as one of your spring supplements may prevent cell damage. Furthermore, it enhances collagen production which helps protect the skin from sun damage. Vitamin C is also a natural antihistamine so is considered a safe solution for hay fever symptoms.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced by sunshine. However, the British weather is very unpredictable! Therefore, we only have sufficient levels of sunshine for vitamin D production between May and September. In spring, it is important to take supplements to increase low vitamin D levels as this will ensure the maintenance of healthy bones, teeth and muscles.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E supplements have multiple benefits. They help improve physical endurance by increasing energy levels, and can also reduce muscle damage from exercise. Vitamin E is an antioxidant so it can help delay processes that damage cells, such as sun damage.



We need to ensure that we get enough essential vitamins and minerals to maintain or improve our health. Supplements are useful for filling in gaps in our diets and preventing deficiencies or other significant health problems. Taking supplements can prevent health issues from occurring, thus allowing you to enjoy the beautiful spring season.

Source: Rain Nutrience