USN has launched their newest product offering line – the Wellness range. This is a holistic health approach supplement range to provide the body with vital nutrients to promote homeostasis & provide cognitive care substances to ensure that the mind and body is performing optimally.

What does this range include?

SUPER IMMUNE POWDER – Super immune-boosting formulation with 1000 mg Vitamin C, antioxidants & alkalizing minerals. Assists the body in fighting infection, protects the body against the effects of free radicals and combats excessive acidity in the body that is conducive to disease & illness.

WEIGHT LOSS COLLAGEN – Advanced formulation to assist with weight management, toning, firming and increased energy expenditure. Added collagen peptides allow the body to accelerate and enhance the formation of strong & healthy nails, hair, skin & joints. Also available in Frosted Nectarine flavour.

SWITCH OFF – An advanced nootropic sleeping aid that helps induce sleep and enhances restful & restorative sleep. Switch Off has no next-day sluggishness and promotes next-day mental performance while also decreasing anxiety and stress.

SWITCH ON – A Nootropic cognitive-enhancing & vision protective supplement that allows you to perform at your peak when challenged with tasks that require brainpower. Supports mental alertness, increases energy, mood and motivation to allow you to mentally perform at your best and protects your eyes against free radicals and blue light damage.

In a time where everyone needs to be more health-conscious, supplements play a vital role in providing the right type of macro & micro-nutrients to support the body in building immunity, performing at its peak and ensuring it gets the quality rest it deserves to recover. Therefore USN’s Wellness range offers the complete solution to those looking to boost their body’s overall wellbeing.

Source: USN